Magnetic stirrer

The magnetic stirrer is a basic tool of any chemical-pharmaceutical laboratory.
It is usually used to mix a solvent or reagents by rotating a magnetic stir bar at the bottom of a container.
The magnetic stirrers can be equipped with heating by means of an electric resistance placed under the support plate.
The models range from the simplest, for teaching laboratories, with basic and economical functions, to the most sophisticated, with all working conditions, ceramic plates and multi-positions on display. Complete systems are also available with external probes, temperature controllers and support rods, to obtain a thermoregulation of the sample with an accuracy of 0.5°C.

Regardless of the use, a good magnetic stirrer must have the following characteristics:

• Keep the speed constant, even when the viscosity of the stirred mixture changes
• If heating, have the ability to transfer heat homogeneously and quickly
• Quality materials, which allow resistance to corrosive solvents and a better effectiveness of agitation and thermoregulation
• Safety systems, during manual or automatic use

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