Rethinking the laboratory routine with the new KNF vacuum pumps

Unique design and functionality

Wanting to revolutionize laboratory pumps, after expert advice and a thorough study of user needs, KNF has redesigned its vacuum pumps, with a unique, award-winning design and disarming ease of use. The new Laboport pumps are an elegant solution for your laboratory processes and your advantage in terms of handling and functionality. You can equip yourself with the simple basic pump or the 3 complete systems that KNF offers you: SR, SH or SC, with remote control.


The new LABOPORT® basic pump is a compact, chemical-resistant and oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump.

Thanks to the system components, redesigned and improved, such as the separator, the high power condenser and the innovative vacuum controller, LABOPORT® is ready to face a wide range of laboratory applications.


- Compact design, save space
- Smooth surfaces without ribs or edges, easy to clean.
- ATEX compliant and chemically resistant for very aggressive / corrosive gases.
- The speed can be controlled by manually adjusting the vacuum power via the control knob or by connecting the new controller (see later).
- Thanks to an integrated valve, which protects the pump head, Laboport supports even solvents with a high boiling point for short periods.
- Equipped with folding handle: easy to carry.
- The 3-color status display allows you to understand at a glance the status of the pump: running, stand-by, error.

The main applications:
Use with a vacuum oven
Fluid suction
Drying of the gel
Use with rotary evaporator
Centrifugal concentration

Further technical information in the brochure Laboport.

Never so simple thanks to the new SMART CONTROLLER

Use your vacuum pumps more efficiently, more conveniently and much safer. The new vacuum controller for the SC 820 G and SC 840 G systems will give the operator easy handling and comfort.


The vacuum controller for the SC 820 G and SC 840 G pumping systems offers intuitive handling and maximum ease of use.

The newly developed touchscreen display, with an extremely precise vacuum regulator, will give you complete control of the process. And thanks to the large interface, users will always have an eye on everything they need to know.

All functions are clearly displayed on one level, at a glance and without complicated submenus.

Four modes of operation for almost all common laboratory applications.

Thanks to the remote control, wifi, you can safely use your vacuum pump outside the laboratory hoods.

Click on the Laboport of your interest to go to the product sheet, get more information and prices.

Laboport N 96
Laboport N 820 G - flow (max.): 20 l/min
Laboport N 840 G
- flow (max.): 34 l/min


Sistema SR - Laboport SR 820 G e SR 840 G they are equipped with a base plate and two separator bottles on the suction and pressure side.
Sistema SH - Laboport SH 820 G e SH 840 G they are equipped with a base plate, a separator on the suction side and a high performance condenser on the pressure side.
Sistema SC - Laboport SC 820 G e SC 840 G they are equipped with a base plate, a separator on the suction side, a high performance condenser on the pressure side and the Wifi device for remote vacuum control.

For more information download the technical sheet in English:

Brochure Laboport.pdf

Numerous accessories can complete and make your Laboport pump very versatile for numerous applications. Here is the list of all available accessories: accessories and models Laboport.


KNF was founded in 1946 in Germany. Since then, this family-run company has been offering specialized solutions in the development, design, production and distribution of diaphragm pumps and systems for the handling of gases and liquids. Today they are present all over the world and recognized for the quality of their products.

Thank you for your attention! For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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