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As always, VELP presents itself as a dynamic and cutting-edge company, designing and manufacturing high quality laboratory equipment to meet the needs of any type of laboratory. It is therefore with pleasure that we present the new line of magnetic stirrers with hotplate, AREC and REC, produced by Velp. Ease of use and improved performance for an incomparable instrument in your laboratory.

Redesigned hot plate: heating performance at the highest level!

The AREC and REC models have been equipped with a brand new technology designed by VELP which guarantees a surprisingly homogeneous temperature over the entire surface of the plate, thermal efficiency and long-lasting heating performance.

The advantages for your laboratory?
- Reproducibility and repeatability of the better tests
- Better accuracy in setting the temperature
- Faster heating speed
- Longer lasting instrument and less costs

Operator safety

All the models of the new series of AREC heating magnetic stirrers guarantee a higher level of safety and protection for laboratory operators. The technopolymer housing and ceramic plate ensure high resistance to acids, bases and solvents.

The control panel is positioned at a safe distance from heat sources and is protected from any liquid leaks thanks to a special drain groove.

When the platen temperature is above 50°C and the heating function is not active, a hot surface safety message is displayed for all digital models.

Ease of use

Over the counter or inside your lab hood, the new ceramic hotplate stirrers offer an innovative low-profile design for exceptional comfort.
Among the most evident features: new knobs, resistant to chemicals; new bright, easy-to-read display with white LED that facilitates instrument setup and monitoring of working conditions.
In short words:

- Practical
- Efficient
- Beautiful

AREC Connect - Best-in-class performance and data-rich laboratory processes: Innovative, safe and accurate ceramic hotplate shaker with built-in Wi-Fi technology to monitor and control laboratory reactions via the VELP Ermes cloud platform. State-of-the-art thermoregulation and powerful agitation for microbiological, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic laboratories that require precision and efficiency. Available systems:
AREC Connect con sonda (cod. SA20500550)
AREC Connect con sonda, asta e morsetto (cod. SB20500550)

AREC.X - The optimal solution for accurate thermoregulation: AREC.X is designed for accurate thermoregulation that offers exceptional stirring and heating performance, superior safety features and ease of use. The ideal solution for laboratories that require precise control of the temperature of the medium. Available systems:
AREC.X con sonda (cod. SA20500554)
AREC.X con sonda, asta e morsetto (cod. SB20500554)
AREC.X con termoregolatore VTF (cod. SC20500554)

AREC - The basic solution for everyday applications: AREC is the safe and reliable hot plate stirrer with a ceramic top that provides excellent stirring and heat transfer performance for basic laboratory applications.
HSC - The entry-level model: HSC is the safe and powerful analog hotplate stirrer for applications that do not require accurate fluid temperature control. The ideal solution for applications in the academic world.
REC - The digital ceramic hotplate: VELP REC is the digital laboratory hotplate with a ceramic top that ensures high corrosion resistance and precise temperature setting.

For more information:

AREC ceramic hotplate stirrers
REC hotplate instruments

Founded in 1983, VELP Scientifica is today a world leader in the production of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment that has made an impact on the world market with Italian products renowned for innovation, design and premium connectivity. VELP is recognized globally as a premium supplier of elemental analyzers, Kjeldahl analyzers, solvent extractors, fiber extractors, oxidation stability reactors, stirring and mixing instruments, respirometric tests, BOD and COD.

Thank you for your attention! For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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