LAUDA Alpha series immersion thermostat

LAUDA Alpha series immersion thermostat

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Immersion heating thermostat Alpha A, LAUDA. Temperature adjustable from 25 to 100°C. Simple controls, large LED display. Timer function, under/over temperature protection and fixing clamp.

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Heating thermostat Alpha: from 25°C to 100°C
Opting for LAUDA Alpha means choosing affordability without compromising on quality among LAUDA thermostats. These dependable and user-friendly thermostats, streamlined with essential features, are compatible with non-flammable liquids and suitable for both indoor and outdoor temperature control applications. Accessories such as the cooling system, pump circulation set, and bath cover set are available for all thermostat models. Utilizing the water cooling system extends the operational range of the thermostat from 20°C to 100°C. Additionally, it offers low-level and overtemperature protection for safe operation with non-flammable liquids. The immersion thermostat can adapt to various bath vessels, facilitated by the included screw clamp.

Qualitative characteristics

  • Simple and intuitive menu navigation with three-button operation via a large, clearly legible LED display
  • Integrated timer function to allow automatic shutdown of the device
  • Under / over temperature protection for operation with non-flammable liquids
the thermostat head attached to the thermostat tank

The back of the Alpha thermostat: clamp, power supply and reset button.

thermostat control panel

Simple control with three buttons and three indicator lights: active heating, active cooling and alarm light.

thermostat head with basin

Can be used with any bath vessel up to 30 mm thick with the included screw clamp.

alpha pump pressure/flow rate graph

Graph of pump characteristics in Alpha Lauda models:


technical drawing of the thermostat front

1 - Temperature controller with four segment LED display
2 - Heater active (yellow LED is lit)
Cooler active (blue LED is lit)
Error signal (red LED is flashing)
3 - Menu functions, select and Enter keys
4 - Mains switch
5 - Screw clamp
6 - Tubular heater
7 - Temperature probe Pt100
8 - Pump outflow with pump outflow reducer

technical drawing of the back of the thermostat

1 - Reset button (press only if the display shows SAFE )
2 - Cooler cable
3 - Rating label
4 - Mains cable
5 - Screw clamp

Temperature °C
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Pump pressure max. bar
Pump delivery max. l/min.
Temperature stability
+/- 0,05 K
Power W
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz

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