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Termometro a infrarossi ScanTemp 450 Dostmann
  • Termometro a infrarossi ScanTemp 450 Dostmann
  • Custodia del termometro a infrarossi ScanTemp 410 Dostmann
  • Display chiaro e ampio, con visualizzazione  Max / Min o Allarme
  • Per un maggiore controllo dell'efficienza dei tuoi strumenti
  • Attacco per sonda a termocoppia tipo K

ScanTemp 450 Dostmann infrared thermometer

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The base model ScanTemp 450 adds compared to the 410 type K thermocouple input, more functions on the display, adjustable emissivity and an alarm, audible and optical.

  • Type K thermocouple probe input
  • Wide range of temperatures:
  • Infrared: -60 ... +500°C
  • Thermocouple: -64 ... +1400°C
  • With circular laser sight
  • Large display with simultaneous display of reading and Max / Min or Alarm
  • Belt bag included
  • HOLD-MAX / MIN / DIF / AVG function (keeps various measurements on the display, such as maximum and minimum)
  • Tatso lock function for continuous measurement

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Dostmann professional infrared thermometer ScanTemp 450

Infrared thermometers use this technology to measure the surface temperature of materials, regardless of the proximity or otherwise of the measurement object. Just aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature (response time about 0.5 seconds). Not coming into direct contact with the material, this technology provides the possibility to measure hot, dangerous and difficult to reach materials safely, without contaminating or damaging them.
attacco sonda per termometro ad infrarossi dostmann scantemp 450
Detect problems with keeping a process at temperature
Food safety (HACCP)
Electrical maintenance
Intangible parts (fresh paint)
Road construction
Commercial printing
Plastic molding
Car maintenance

custodia del termometro scanterm 450 dostmann

Technical features
Temperature range: -60°C ... +500°C, (thermocouple input: -64 ... +1400°C)
Accuracy: ± 2.0% of reading or ±2°C, whichever is greater
Spectral response: 6 - 14 µm
Display resolution: 0.1°C (above 200°: 1°)
Working temperature: 0°C ... 50°C
Distance - spot size: 11:1
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries, with about 270 hours of operation
Dimensions (L x W x H): 175.2 x 39 x 7.9 mm
Weight: 140g
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