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Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC
Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC

Lab Oven STF-F 52 FALC

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Laboratory oven with forced ventilation, temperatures up to 300°C and 52 liter capacity, digital PID thermoregulator with dual display and timer 99h 59min + infinite; hole to the top for insertion probe; two shelves; safety class DIN 3.1. 100% Made in Italy.

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A laboratory oven with forced ventilation and an exceptional quality/price ratio! 100% Made in Italy and with all accessories already included as standard. Fine temperature regulation, clear and complete display, top safety class, front regulation of the pipe on the back for exhaust fumes.


   - External structure in steel painted with anti-acid epoxy powder
   - Inner chamber in 18/8 stainless steel
   - Ergonomic handle, easy to use and robust

The oven has an independent electronic safety system. The electronic circuit DOES NOT depend on the main thermoregulator and will work even if the main board is broken.
If the temperature exceeds the set point by a certain number of °C (set by the user), the LED will light up and the oven will continue to operate at the safety temperature.

    - PID thermoregulator with double display and adjustable temperature up to 300°C
   -  2 shelves
    - pipe on the back for exhaust fumes with front opening/closing adjustment device
    - 10 mm hole on the upper side
    - Digital timer from 0 to 99 hours and 59 minutes +
Indication of the power used
    - Auto-tuning (automatic temperature calibration)
    - Possibility of manual temperature correction (e.g. with certified thermometer)
    - Safety class DIN 3.1, the highest
    - Manual adjustment of the over-temperature alarm
    - IP protection: 42

Laboratory Oven STF-F 52 FALC Forced Ventilation

Temperature °C
+5°C over AT to 300°C
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A
Control panel
Multi-display and multi-function microprocessor
Shelves and drawers
2 (max 6)
Yes, digital control 99h 59 min
Safety class
Internal volume lt
Temperature accuracy ±
70°C +/- 1°C ca. 150°C +/- 1,5°C ca. 300° +/- 2°C ca.
Power W
1200 W
IP 42, Auto-tuning, Temperature calibration, Display can shows the percentage of power used to heat, adjustable speed of fan 0-100%
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz

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