Magnetic stirrer MST Digital Velp

Magnetic stirrer MST Digital Velp

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Small and effective magnetic stirrer for laboratory in technopolymer, resistant to chemical agents. Ideal for applications such as microtiter, BOD, microbiology and biochemistry.

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The white surface of the MST instrument facilitates the detection of the color change of a solution, making it suitable for many applications in the microbiological and biochemical fields and for microtitration.
MST also does not overheat and maintains a low temperature even after hours of continuous use. This feature makes it ideal for BOD analysis.
The compact design of MST also makes it particularly suitable for all laboratories that have limited space.

Stirring speed always under control
MST Digital guarantees maximum simplicity in setting and controlling the stirring speed.
It is possible to go from 80 to 1500 rpm with 10 rpm steps. SpeedServo™ technology also ensures constant speed with feedback to changes in viscosity.

Unsupervised and programmable agitation
Thanks to its integrated timer, the MST Digital allows you to program the stirring time allowing the automatic shutdown of the stirrer.
It is also possible to program the rotation inversion after certain time intervals.

Small and mighty

  • Digital display that simplifies the setting of the stirring speed
  • Integrated timer and programmable automatic shutdown
  • Reversal of the stirring direction at programmable intervals
  • SpeedServoTM ensures constant speed even when the viscosity varies (counter-reaction)
  • Stirring speed adjustment up to 1500 rpm

Robust and compact

  • Structure in technopolymer resistant to chemical agents
  • Equipped with a brushless motor
  • White surface that favors the detection of color variations
  • Designed to last over time
  • Accepts a stirring volume of up to 5 liters


  • Stays cold even after hours of continuous use
  • Ideal for applications such as Microtitration, BOD, Microbiology and Biochemistry
  • Excellent speed regulation even at low rpm

Technical features:
Speed ​​regulation step: 10 rpm
Speed ​​control: excellent even at low revs
Feedback: Constant speed
Reverse direction: 5 to 900 seconds
Stirring system: PCM magnet; brushless motor

Product Details

Max. stirring volume
5 litri
Heating plate
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Position size
120 x 120 mm
Weight kg
0.6 Kg
Plate material
Cloud / Wifi connection
Max. stirring speed
1500 rpm


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