Magnetic stirrer ARE-6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE-6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp
Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp

Magnetic stirrer ARE 6 Velp

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ARE-6 magnetic stirrer with aluminum heating plate for the most common laboratory needs Speed: 1700 rpm. Stirring volume (H2O): up to 20 liters. Temperature: up to 370 ° C. Plate diameter: 135 mm.

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ARE 6 VELP - Simple, safe and easy to use
The central key activates the heating of the plate only after pressing it, avoiding accidental switch-ons.
The safety icon informs the operator that the plate is at temperature, preventing possible burns. It will remain illuminated as long as the temperature is below 50°C.
The knobs allow precise adjustment of speed and temperature with greater sensitivity.

Unprecedented performance
The brushless motor allows stirring up to 20 liters at an adjustable speed from 30 to 1700 rpm. Thanks to the SpeedServo ™ system, the speed is kept constant even when the viscosity changes.
The Alnico magnet guarantees homogeneous stirring, even in the peripheral areas of the plate and a powerful magnetic coupling between the motor and the stir bar.

Maximum Instrument Protection
ARE-6 is an IP42 product designed to guarantee years of use and resistance in the laboratory. The structure and materials protect the internal parts of the instrument from possible damage. ARE-6 is guaranteed for 3 years (the warranty extension is obtained by registering the product)
The silicone cover ensures further protection of the instrument from possible spills or splashes.

Technical features:
Motor: Brushless
Heating Plate: Aluminum with special protection
Feedback System: SpeedServo ™
Temperature Adjustment: Ambient Temperature...+370°C
Heating Activation Button: Yes

Stirring Speed Range
30 - 1700 rpm
Max. stirring volume
20 liters
Heating plate
External dimensions mm L x P x A
160 x 280 x 105
Position size
135 Ø
Power W
630 W
IP 42
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature
370 °C
Plate material
Cloud / Wifi connection
Max. stirring speed
1700 rpm

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