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  • sonda pt100
  • Sistema completo con pt100 per AREX-6 digital PRO Velp
  • Sistema completo con pt100 per AREX-6 digital PRO Velp
  • Sistema completo con pt100 per AREX-6 digital PRO Velp
  • Sistema completo con pt100 per AREX-6 digital PRO Velp

Complete system with pt100 for AREX-6 Connect PRO Velp

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AREX-6 Connect PRO with embedded Wi-Fi technology to monitor and control your reactions through VELP Ermes cloud platform.
agnetic stirrer with CerAlTop™ ceramic-coated aluminum heating plate and external pt100 probe, for sample temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C.

Speed: 30-1700 r / min.
Stirring volume (H2O): up to 20 liters.
Temperature: up to 370°C.
Plate diameter: 135 mm.
Constant speed even when the viscosity varies

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The first hot plate stirrer with embedded Wi-Fi technology
Wherever you are, VELP Ermes allows the reduction of routine operations thanks to the real-time control of your AREX-6 Connect PRO.

Access your analyzes from PC, Pad or smartphone, to maximize the productivity and reproducibility of your reactions.

Immediate notifications and alerts will allow you to always be informed and thanks to the remote interruption you will have total control of your processes.

Safety first

AREX-6 Digital PRO is equipped with 2 independent temperature reading circuits that protect the instrument in case of malfunction of one of the two.

If the probe is not inserted in the sample being analyzed, the instrument stops heating, showing a safety message on the display.

AREX-6 Digital PRO is equipped with the most advanced technology and allows you to set the maximum temperature limit required by analyzes with specific temperatures.

The Lock function prevents inadvertent changes to settings by locking the instrument.

CerAlTop ™, High Strength

The CerAlTop ™ plate, made of aluminum alloy coated with a ceramic layer, guarantees homogeneous and fast heat transfer over the entire surface. In addition, the thin ceramic layer protects the plate from scratches and chemicals.

Cutting-edge thermoregulation

AREX-6 Digital PRO offers the best thermoregulation available. The PID thermoregulation system guarantees stable, fast temperature control with minimum overshoot

VTF, VTF EVO and Pt100 probe allow accurate and precise temperature control.

It is possible to choose between 2 different thermoregulation modes:

  • FAST: The set temperature is reached quickly.
  • END: The set temperature is reached slowly, minimizing overshoot.

New Interface for Easy Use

The bright LED display and intuitive icons allow easy reading of the instrument's working conditions.

The connection of the probe or thermoregulators, activation of the heating, reaching the set temperature, activation of the timer and reversal of rotation are information provided by the new icons.

The speed and temperature are set precisely by the sensitive knobs, and are activated only after pressing them.

AREX-6 Digital PRO is equipped with an advanced menu that allows you to configure the instrument with the features that best suit the needs of the individual laboratory.

Unprecedented performance

The brushless motor allows stirring up to 20 liters at an adjustable speed from 30 to 1700 rpm. Thanks to the SpeedServo ™ system, the speed is kept constant even when the viscosity changes.

The Alnico magnet guarantees homogeneous stirring, even in the peripheral areas of the plate and a powerful magnetic coupling between the motor and the stir bar, a very important aspect with the use of accessories.

Integrated timer and rotation inversion

The central button allows you to set the timer from 1min to 99h59min.

The timer can be set in 2 different modes:

  • Snap: The timer starts counting down as soon as a function is activated (stirring or heating).
  • SetP: The timer starts the countdown as soon as the set temperature is reached.

In addition, it is possible to set the rotation inversion at time intervals.

Oil baths and heating mantles replaced with spherical caps

The new Spherical Caps are the perfect solution to replace oil baths and heating mantles. Furthermore, they adapt perfectly to both the plate diameter of 135 mm and the shape of the tubes allowing a fast heat transfer from the plate to the tube.

To increase protection and reduce heat loss, VELP has designed the new PTFE covers.

Greater Versatility with the new MonoAlublock ™ and MultiAlublock ™

The MultiAlublock ™ and the new MonoAlublock ™ made of aluminum are ideal for carrying out numerous agitation and heating analyzes, reducing time and space in the laboratory.

  • MonoAlublock ™ are the ideal solution for all those applications that require analysis in tubes of the same size.
  • MultiAlublock ™ are modular and of different types to support various tube sizes. Thanks to their modularity, you can choose the mix that best suits your needs.

Maximum Instrument Protection

AREX-6 Digital PRO is an IP42 product designed to guarantee years of use and resistance in the laboratory. The structure and materials protect the internal parts of the instrument from possible damage.

AREX-6 Digital PRO is guaranteed for 3 years (the warranty extension is obtained by registering the product)

The silicone cover ensures further protection of the instrument from possible spills or splashes.


Technical features:

Motor: Brushless
Hot Plate: CerAlTop ™ (Aluminum with special protection)
Accuracy in Speed ​​Adjustment: 5 rpm
Feedback System: SpeedServo ™
Temperature Adjustment: Room temp. until 370°C
Temperature Adjustment Resolution: 1°C
Connection for Digital Temperature Controllers: VTF / VTF EVO
Connection for probes: Pt100
Sample thermoregulation: ±0.5°C (VTF / VTF EVO) ±1°C (PT100)
Automatic Reverse Rotation: Yes
Probe Detector: Yes
Tool lock: Yes
'Hot Top Warning': displayed
Heating Activation Button: Yes


Data sheet

Stirring Speed Range
up to 1700 rpm
Shaking Capacity
up to 20 litri
Temperature °C
up to 370 °C
630 W
External dimensions mm L x P x A
165x115x280 mm
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz
Control panel
display digital
Base size mm
135 Ø
Hot Plate: CerAlTop ™ (Aluminum with special ceramic protection)
Work environment
IP 42



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