Rod agitator DLH VELP
Rod agitator DLH VELP
Rod agitator DLH VELP
Rod agitator DLH VELP
Rod agitator DLH VELP
Rod agitator DLH VELP

Rod agitator DLH VELP

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DLH VELP rod stirrer for medium-low viscosity liquids, with large display and timer. Electronic speed regulation from 50 to 2000 rpm; stirring up to 40 litres; torque 80Ncm; viscosity up to 50000 mPa*s.

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Digital display and total control of operations
DLH guides the user through an extremely bright and easy to read display. All the main parameters are constantly shown at a glance, including set speed, real speed, torque value and timer.
In fact, DLH is equipped with a programmable digital timer up to 999:59 minutes with automatic switch-off, allowing autonomous operation. Intuitive and safe, it guarantees overload, overcurrent and overheating protection.

Convenient chuck and high security
The intuitive spindle locking system is the simplest and most comfortable available on the market, and does not require any special tools, offering the possibility of using different rod models, for the most varied applications, with a maximum diameter of 10 mm.
VELP Scientifica solutions are extremely intuitive and easy to use, being equipped with the most advanced features in terms of safety, including overload and overtemperature.
All models operate according to IP 40.

Longest possible longevity
All our solutions have been carefully designed to offer a long life to the instrument, even in the most difficult operating conditions.
The structure covers and protects the engine from any aggressive liquids and vapours, preventing internal corrosion phenomena.
The robust motor guarantees continuous operation over the years, without additional costs for maintenance.

Resistant structure in technopolymer
The special technopolymer structure of the VELP Scientifica rod stirrers guarantees excellent chemical resistance, without equal, and particular handling, being among the lightest on the market.
Simple to install, resistant and intuitive, they offer a small footprint, to make the most of the space on the counter.

Available models:

The stirring rods available:

For added versatility, you can choose between different types of control, digital or analog.

  • Digital: set speed, actual speed, torque and timer at a glance.
  • Analog: power and precision at the most advantageous price.

Simple keys, graphics and intuitive design; you'll already know how to use it the first time you turn it on.
Peace of mind and safety in your laboratory with every Velp instrument.

  • Protection in case of overload and overheating
  • Intuitive temple closing system, without the use of special tools. Maximum rod diameter of 10 mm

Compact and lightweight, small in size to make the most of your laboratory bench space.

  • Technopolymer structure
  • IP40 protection

Product Details

Stirring Speed Range
50 - 2000 rpm
Max. stirring volume
40 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Control panel
Display LCD
Power W
Torque max.
Viscosity max.
50.000 mPa*s
Weight kg


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