Incubatore Illuminato FOC 200IL Velp
  • Incubatore Illuminato FOC 200IL Velp
  • Incubatore Illuminato FOC 200IL Velp
  • Incubatore Illuminato FOC 200IL Velp. BOD
  • Incubatore Illuminato FOC 200IL Velp. Misure

Illuminated Incubator FOC 200IL Velp

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Velp refrigerator-thermostat of 169L net that guarantees excellent connectivity and high performance in temperature control. Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system and transparent internal door that allows visual inspection of the contents With LED shelves for crops, crops and fermentation studies and small growth chamber.

  • Adjustable temperature: from 3°C to 50°C; stability +/- 0.5°C
  • Energy saving: class A+
  • 169 liter capacity
  • Equipped with premium Wi-Fi connectivity to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Wireless management via TEMPSoft ™ software (optional)
  • Accepts up to 4 VELP breathing systems
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LED illuminated shelves

Homogeneous illumination and constant temperature ensure the same conditions between the different samples, on the entire shelf. FOC 200IL is ideal for a wide variety of applications including plant growth, seed germination, cultivation, insect and small animal husbandry, cultured bacteria and fermentation studies

FOC200IL is equipped with 2 illuminated shelves each consisting of six LED bars mounted horizontally in the lower part, so as to illuminate the shelf below. It is also equipped with a timer for the lights.


Thermoregulation and thermal stability at their best

  • The Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system guarantees excellent thermal homogeneity and stability (± 0.5 ° C)
  • Ecological cooling system and low operating costs in energy class A +
  • Selectable incubation temperature and working range from 3 to 50 ° C
  • Uniform temperature thanks to VELP ventilation technology
  • 3-digit DIGITAL DISPLAY, resolution 0.1 ° C
  • Transparent internal door for observation of the sample without temperature alterations

Reliable and easy to control

  • Customizable lighting cycle timer
  • Equipped with 2 illuminated shelves (30,000 lux / shelf), each with six LED bars mounted horizontally under the shelf
  • Volume of 169 liters net
  • Internal sockets to power devices
  • Intuitive digital interface, with three buttons for easy setup of the instrument
  • Constant monitoring according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • Adjustable recording time (in case of connection to VELP Ermes and TempSoft ™)
  • The optional TempSoft ™ incorporates high / low alarm thresholds
  • Quick and easy calibration

Monitor your instrument anytime, anywhere with VELP Ermes
Thanks to Velp Ermes you will no longer need cables. Discover the platform that allows you to reduce repetitive manual tasks with real-time control of your FOC Connect wherever you are.
Access the data recording of your instrument wherever you are, in total safety, through the VELP Ermes platform and benefit from software updates and immediate ad hoc assistance, without the need for specialized technicians.
Immediate notifications and alerts will allow you to always be informed about the status of your analyzes, improving productivity and reproducibility.

Control your FOC Connect via TEMPSoft ™ software
Through the optional TEMPSoft ™ software and the relative connection of the FOC Connect to the PC, you can:

  • Control up to 10 FOC Connects.
  • Set the work ramps (different times and temperatures) and the desired setpoint, with the possibility of minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds
  • Monitor the internal temperature with dedicated graphics
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Store test data in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

FOC Connect is supplied with the MODBUS communication protocol.

Data sheet

Temperature °C
da 3° a 50°
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Weight kg
230V - 50/60 Hz
12-month on-site warranty (free of any on-site collection and / or repair costs)
Control panel
Digital display
2 shelves; maximum absorbed power 400W; Two internal sockets
Internal capacity
200 liters
Energy class
Shelves and drawers


FOC 200IL Velp

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