Safety cabinet CS60 A+B PVC CHEMISAFE

Safety cabinet CS60 A+B PVC CHEMISAFE

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Safety cabinet in high density expanded PVC for very aggressive products. Equipped with aspirator and filter. 2 doors; 2 superimposed compartments, one for acids and one for bases; 2 + 2 shelves.

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The CHEMICALS series models are high quality safety cabinets that solve the problem of storing dangerous liquids.
All models in this series, like all Chemisafe safety cabinets for chemical product storage, meet the highest European standards and guarantee quality and safety:

  • EN61010-1: standard for the safety requirements of electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.
  • Standardized pictograms according to ISO 3864 standards

Our advice: don't save on security. In addition to having a safer workplace, the quality of your time will also improve, without worries and with your mind free to concentrate on your task.

The construction features of Chemisafe's CHEMICALS safety cabinets:

  • Fully crafted with a thickness of 18mm in HD PVC
  • Exhaust fan cover and plinth completely made of 1.0 mm thick cold-pressed steel sheet, with epoxy coating with acid-resistant epoxy powders applied electrostatically at a temperature of 200 °C, which guarantees a layer thickness greater than 90 microns on the entire surface of the wardrobe
  • Monocoque structure built on a 15/10 mm base with adjustable leveling feet
  • Division into 2, 3 or 4 compartments to separately store the different families of non-flammable chemical products
  • Simple hinged doors
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic external zipper
  • Handles with safety lock and key
  • Equipped with fixed shelves in plasticized/painted/stainless steel adjustable in height
  • 110° opening which allows the extraction of the shelves without having to tilt them
  • Compartments equipped with containment shelves made of PVC adjustable in height
  • Tray shelves
  • Connection collar Ø 125 mm
  • Series available with or without suction unit
  • Modular solutions

Why equip yourself with PVC safety cabinets?
The chemical structure of PVC gives it excellent chemical resistance, keeping it elastic and easy to handle. PVC is resistant to many alcohols, greases, oils and petrols. It is also resistant to the most common corrosive agents including inorganic acids, alkalis and salts. Cabinets made of PVC offer perfect resistance to the most corrosive products and vapors (such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid).

Supplied for the CS104PVC PVC CHEMISAFE:

  • 2+2 PVC shelves (max load 40 kg evenly distributed)


*Approximate capacity in 1 liter bottles


  • RIP60WPVC - PVC shelf for 60 PVC wardrobe
  • RIP120WPVC - PVC shelf for 120 PVC wardrobe
  • RIP60UBPVC - PVC shelf for 60 PVC UB wardrobe
  • RIP120UBPVC - PVC shelf for 120 PVC UB wardrobe
  • TIM24 - Daily timer
  • ALARM - Alarm system for «open doors»


For complete information on connection accessories, download the technical data sheet.

  • DIAM125BP - Electric aspirator with power cable and filter for high cabinet with 1 or 2 doors - outlet Ø 125 mm (filter not included)
  • RSOLCA - Activated carbon filter for DIAM125BP engine - (to be replaced at least twice a year)
  • F100FC - Connection flange Ø 100 mm for DIAM125BP motor (mandatory for ventilating cabinets)
  • RE1000 - Aspirator flow controller (to be ordered with the DIAM125BP aspirator)
  • GFKIT125 - Connector kit: 1 meter of flexible sheath Ø 125 mm and 2 terminals
  • RFCS60 - Replacement filter for 600mm ventilated cabinet
  • RFCS120 - Replacement filter for 1140 mm ventilated cabinet

Product Details

External dimensions mm L x P x A
600 x 600 x 1900
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A
Internal capacity
Chemicals - PVC
Weight kg

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