LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator
LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator
LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator
LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator

LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator

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Incubator able to shake up to 2 trays for 150mm vessels.

  • Usable volume of 36 litres.
  • 42x27 cm tray.
  • Temperature up to 70°C.
  • Stability ± 0.2°C.
  • Three displays for mixing, stirring and temperature.

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Varioshake shaking incubator
These LAUDA tools are renowned for being extremely reliable and suitable for heavy use. Specialized in gentle mixing and vigorous shaking, these shaking incubators are used for applications that require repeatable orbital movements and temperatures up to +70°C with excellent stability.
They are preferred by standard or research laboratories for incubation, fermentation, homogenization, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for the cultivation of bacterial cultures.

Applications: homogenization, incubation, fermentation or chemical and biochemical reactions.

The control panel features soft-touch keys with clear symbols. It will therefore be very easy to set the temperature, the stirring frequency or the incubation time quickly and precisely, rest assured that the technology of these instruments will exactly reproduce the set values.

The temperature

  • Temperature regulation is controlled by a microprocessor, PID type with RS232 interface.
  • The temperature distribution is optimal throughout the interior of the cabinet.
  • Temperature setting and display: digital, LED, in 0.1°C increments.
  • Temperature range: from 8°C above ambient temperature to +70°C.
  • Temperature range (with cooling coil; not included): 20 to 70°C, depending on the cooling medium used and the ambient temperature.
  • Electronic monitoring of the temperature controllers activates visual and acoustic alarms in the event of a fault. In these cases the heating switches off automatically and the cause of the anomaly is shown on the display.

Agitation and Incubation

  • Quiet and robust stirring mechanism with gentle start and smooth, load-independent orbital motion
  • The orbital motion can be turned on and off
  • Shaking frequency and incubation time can be set thanks to the microprocessor.
  • The timer continuously displays the remaining incubation time and acoustically signals its expiration.

Specific features of the VS 45 OI model
This model, with a liftable acrylic glass cover, consists of an external housing made of electrolytically galvanized and powder-coated sheet steel. The vibrating platform, made of aluminum, has 4 plastic pins to accommodate a vibrating tray or a universal support.

  • Capacity of 2 agitator trays; for containers over 150 mm only 1 tray can be used
  • Temperature stability ± 0.2°C
  • Shaking frequency: 20 to max. 250 min-1
  • Stirring width: 30 mm
  • Usable volume 45 L
  • Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1
  • Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1
  • Amplitude of shaking 25 mm
  • Load capacity max. 12 kg
  • Timer from 1 minute to 999
  • Vibrating platform width 450 mm
  • Vibrating platform depth 300 mm
  • Capacity approx. 45 L / 2 stirring trays
  • External structure in electrolytically galvanized steel sheet, powder coated
Temperature °C
da -10°C a 40°C
Orbital, 30mm
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A
from 8°C above ambient temperature up to 70°C
Temperature stability
± 0.2°C
Weight kg

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