• Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H 20 S
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S display
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H 20 S
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S interno
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S interno
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S
  • Bagnomaria LAUDA Hydro H S

Water bath with stirring and cooling LAUDA Hydro H 20 SW

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Bain marie with stirring and 20 liter cooling system, reliable and made with quality materials.

  • Digital temperature regulation and led display
  • Bidirectional shaking
  • Temperature 25°C to 99.9°C (10°C to 99.9°C with active cooling)

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Water bath from 25°C to 99.9°C for the laboratory

The LAUDA Hydro series stirring water baths shake laboratory samples with linear or orbital motion, depending on the model. They are reliable instruments, ideal for any laboratory application, be it biological, medical or biochemical, guaranteeing a homogeneous temperature distribution.

The integrated speed controller allows for a load-independent agitation movement, infinitely adjustable with soft start. The H 20 SW and H 20 SOW shaking water baths are equipped with a cooling coil as standard. The temperature range can be extended towards a minimum of + 10°C, by connecting them to the domestic water supply or to the circulating chillers available on the market.

Qualitative characteristics

  • Digital temperature adjustment and indication via LED display
  • Load independent agitation, continuously variable with soft start
  • Electronic monitoring of the thermoregulator functions, with two under / over temperature protection fuses
  • Stainless steel tank, frame, cover with condensate channel, shaker basket and heater

Specific features of the H 20 SW model

  • Working temperature min. with water cooling +10°C
  • Tank volume min. 9 L
  • Tank volume max. 24.4 L
  • Tank opening 450x300 mm
  • Bath depth 160 mm
  • Usable depth of bowl 110 mm
  • Stirring width 22 mm
  • Stirring frequency mm 10 ... 250 U / min
  • Type of agitation: Linear, Bidirectional

bagnomaria Hydro H di LAUDA


Data sheet

Temperature °C
from 25 ° to 99.9 ° C; with cooling system from 10° to 99.9°C
1.5 kW
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz
Work environment
from 10°C to 40°C
Internal capacity
20 liters


Bagnomaria LAUDA 20/21

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