Portable scale

Portable or bench scales are versatile, ready-to-use weighing instruments for a wide range of applications and environments. Resolutions from 0.001 and capacities up to 75 kg, portable scales can be found in commercial areas, in industries, as well as on school desks. Small or large prices, for simple or complex functions, but always designed to provide clear and precise weighing information, built with quality materials and designed to last over time.

Simple and economical. For every use.
Applications: Weighing, Display Hold.
Features: up to 1000 hours of autonomy; stackable; LCD display; two button operation; 3 AA batteries included.

Multipurpose scale for general weighing. Sturdy and practical, suitable for teaching, industry and laboratory.
Applications: Weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing, weight control.
Features: excellent precision and repeatability for general applications; fast stabilization; overload protection.

Specially designed for classroom experimentation.
Applications: Weighing, density determination, molar concentration.
Features: overload protection; numerous connection options; stackable; large backlit LCD display.

High performance and touchscreen for high accuracy and productivity.
Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications.
Applications: Weighing, percent weighing, piece counting, check weighing, dynamic weighing, totalization, density determination, display block, molar concentration.
Features: color touchscreen display with weighing guides; fast stabilization; special overload protection.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, where a robust and efficient balance is essential in any situation. Available in the 'COUNT' version.
Applications: weighing, piece counting, check weighing, percentage weighing, dynamic weighing, display block, accumulation.
Features: Die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel plate, weigh below hook, sealed front panel.

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