Climatic chambers

A climatic chamber is an instrument used to test the effects of specific environmental conditions on biological samples, industrial products, materials and electronic devices and components.
They are used for aging tests, stability tests, thermal or climatic tests.

The climatic chambers designed by POL-EKO are specialized for testing in constant environmental conditions through precise control of temperature and humidity.

The KK series has a temperature range between 0 and 60°C, and a humidity range between 30 and 90%.
The KKS series allows you to set from 0°C to 100°C and from 10% to 90% humidity, with a steam humidifier.

The KKS climatic chambers with steam humidifier do not emit ultrasounds and therefore allow insects breeding (e.g. Drosophila melanogaster). Compared to the KK chambers, they feature an extended temperature and humidity range and can be used for tests of electronics, plastic or building materials.

All models have high quality and professional standard features, such as the advanced Smart PRO control panel and acid-resistant stainless steel interiors.

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