As LAUDA distributors for Italy, Jointlab guarantees the operator the optimum temperature in research, production and quality control, thanks to LAUDA instruments, a trusted partner in the automotive, chemical / pharmaceutical, semiconductor and medical laboratory sectors.

INSTRUMENTS FOR LABORATORIES is a site dedicated to resellers in the scientific sector. It offers more than ten brands of scientific equipment at the best prices. Since 2003 on the market with two sites, one dedicated to retailers and one dedicated to the world of refrigeration. Here at we offer all the basic tools dedicated to the laboratory. is a website for laboratory professionals. With us you will have answers that others will not give you. From the magnetic stirrer to the safety cabinet, from the pump to the pH meter you will find competence and professionalism in our world! If you want to know more: who we are

Monitoring systems B Medical Systems

The monitoring possibilities that B Medical Systems offers you for its medical devices: RMTD, ° B Connected and DCU. Optimal control and protection for your samples or vaccines.

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LAUDA thermostating - Guide to the products offered by Jointlab

Laboratory water bath, immersion thermostats, heating, with tank, thermocryostats, chillers. Which instrument are you looking for and why choose LAUDA?

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NEW magnetic stirrers with VELP heating plate

Presentation of the new line of magnetic stirrers with hot plate, AREC and REC, produced by Velp.

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Medical refrigeration with B Medical Systems

Overview of the products that B Medical Systems is able to provide you. Freezers, refrigerators, transport bags and much more. The best products you can find for your laboratory, pharmacy and hospital.

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Laboratory refrigerators, for drugs, vaccines, for hotels, restaurants and for transport, both for professional and private use.
On our website you can find hundreds of products completely dedicated to the world of cold.

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