Dry thermostatic baths

Dry thermostatic baths, also known as block or dry block heaters, are used to uniformly and simultaneously heat or cool an entire block of reaction tubes or vials.
These instruments are suitable for a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, microbiological, biochemical and medical laboratories. Some of the applications include: culture incubation and activation, enzymatic reactions, immunoassays, melting / boiling points, isothermal incubation, nucleic acid denaturation.

Thanks to the operation through separate modular blocks, you can adapt the instrument to any of your needs. Indeed, you will have the possibility to use various sample inserts, such as centrifuge tubes, test tubes, vials (but also plates, PCR strips, cuvettes) with capacities from 0.2ml up to 50ml: the most complete selection of modular blocks in the industry with over 40 options.

Digital or analog? Whatever your need, you can rest assured that both digital and analog dry heaters offer exceptional temperature uniformity coupled with outstanding thermal stability.

Models with heated lid are also available; avoid possible contamination and guarantee repeatable and reliable results.

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