Chemistry Laboratory Instruments

'Laboratory instrument' is a generic term for all the instruments necessary for laboratory, synthesis and analysis operations. Laboratory instruments are exposed to some extreme chemical and physical influences and must provide accurate measurement results, must have a long service life and provide safety for the user. Therefore, laboratory instruments must have quality materials and advanced features to meet the high standards of laboratory technology.

Modern laboratory instruments have intuitive interfaces and can therefore be used not only by professionals but also by non-specialized personnel, thanks to the intuitive operation of the software. Furthermore, laboratory instruments are becoming more and more connected, with WiFi connection to control platforms on PC or tablet, making your laboratory work more and more comfortable, precise and efficient.

Whatever your need, in Jointlab you will find all the basic laboratory equipment of first quality: magnetic stirrers and overhead stirrers, shakers, vortex tube shakers, pH metersdry thermostatic baths and so on. Only from proven, reliable and guaranteed brands: Velp, Ohaus, Mettler ... the whole world of the laboratory.

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