Refrigerated thermostat and incubator

Refrigerated thermostats and incubators

Laboratory refrigerated thermostats are ideal for applications in microbiology, bacteriology, microorganism growth, water analysis, BOD, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc.
Therefore they allow to obtain an excellent stability and homogeneity of the internal temperature (from 3°C to 50°C) with selection of the tenth of a degree centigrade.

Incubators differ from refrigerated thermostats for the ability to observe the samples from the outside without interfering in any way on the thermal cycle in progress, through a second transparent internal door.

The more advanced models provide the ability to connect via WiFi to a remote control system, where it will be possible to monitor multiple instruments simultaneously, record and share data.

In addition, a model with LED shelves is available for crops, crops and fermentation studies and a small growth chamber.

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