Vortex tube shaker

Vibrating shakers are used in the laboratory to mix substances in test tubes (Eppendorf, flasks, flasks, etc.) thanks to orbital movement. Like all the latest generations of laboratory instruments, also the vibrating stirrers have developed technologies that tend to avoid unnecessary procedures for the user, such as infrared technology, which allows the activation of the vibration without any need for a command from the 'operator.

The types of instruments available vary from the simplest, with fixed stirring, to the most sophisticated, with automatic infrared activation and control panels that allow complete and precise control over the mixing process.
This wide range of products allows you to choose the most suitable instrument for your laboratory, satisfying the real needs of the customer.

Furthermore, the numerous accessories available will allow you to adapt each instrument to your needs, exploiting its full potential.
We offer vortex stirrers from the Ohaus manufacturer and the Italian company Velp.

Velp test tube shakers (vortexers) are 100% Made in Italy instruments, of exceptional quality and at an excellent price.

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