Generally 24 months unless otherwise noted. We strongly recommend that you consult the detailed warranty in the technical data sheet of each product.
The guarantee may vary if purchased by a private consumer or if purchased by a customer with a VAT number.


- The goods always travel insured against all risks! Click here to find out more:

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- On some products the warranty may be longer depending on the manufacturer's conditions. This will be indicated in the product description.

- Differences between consumer and professional, Legislative Decree n. 24 of February 2, 2002:

In the event that a self-employed person with a VAT number purchases some goods, the guarantee of these goods is only for one year and not two, unless an exception is provided as in the cases specified above.

According to the consumer code, the two-year guarantee is provided only in those contracts concluded between professional and consumer. As for all other cases, except for particular extensions recognized by the seller (even for a fee), the legal guarantee is only one year.

The consumer code: The definitions of professional and consumer

But what is meant by professional? This refers to anyone who carries out activities in the retail trade of goods and / or services and therefore the definition is not only in the strict sense but also includes shops, large distribution chains, transport companies.

By consumer, on the other hand, we mean a person who buys the goods for his own personal use, regardless of the economic, professional or entrepreneurial activity carried out. For example, a father of a family who buys a television, a sofa, a refrigerator, a computer for his home is to be considered a consumer.
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