Cooling Incubators

Refrigerated laboratory incubators are fundamental tools for the cultivation of cells, tissues and microorganisms in controlled conditions of temperature. There are also industrial applications where refrigeration below ambient temperature is essential.
These incubators feature an internal chamber that can be precisely adjusted to provide a stable culture environment. The temperature inside the chamber must have a constant and uniform value.

Our refrigerated laboratory incubators are equipped with a range of features, such as temperature regulation, ventilation and safety devices. They are also equipped with sensors and alarms to ensure the safety of the cultures, the integrity of the samples and the safety of the surrounding environment.

We have benchtop models that are perfect for labs with limited space, while the larger models can be used for culturing large quantities of samples.
If you need a refrigerated incubator to drop below ambient temperature quickly, reliably, reproducibly and without breaking the bank, we offer you a great variety of models below, from economic Peltier cell cooling to powerful compressor refrigerated ones.

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