LAUDA ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostat
LAUDA ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostat
LAUDA ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostat
LAUDA ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostat

LAUDA ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostat

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Lauda ECO RE 1050 S Cooling thermostats with pump connections and Silver control unit; 10 l tank. The temperature is adjustable from -50°C to 200°C. Self-regulating compressor to save energy. 0.6 bar pressure pump and 22 l/min flow rate.

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Cryostat with 10 liter tank and refrigeration down to -50°C

ECO Silver Lauda - Cooling Thermostat

LAUDA ECO with reliable technology and modern design for temperature ranges from -50°C to 200°C depending of the models. Microprocessor management and integrated cooling system. Silver (monochromatic LCD graphic display), both equipped with mini USB interface. They are distinguished by their range of functions, ease of use and clarity of the display, allowing maximum comfort of use for the operator.
These models offer the highest performance conveyed by the LAUDA SmartCool intelligent system, for maximum energy savings. The circulation pump can be adjusted to six levels and the comprehensive range of ECO devices offers cooling capacities from 180 to 700 watts.

Refrigerated thermostats comes standard with tank lid, pump connections and are available with air and water cooling. A drain cock on the back of the device makes changing the liquid in the tank easy and safe.Thermostatic bath/circulator with latest microprocessor technology and
integrated cooling system


• Monochrome grafic LCD display for simultaneous indication of actual and set
• User friendly menu navigation in plain language
• Easy input via cursor and soft keys. Additional Tmax key for overtemperature
• Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action
• Safety class III for operation with flammable and non-flammable liquids. Overtemperature
cut-out adjustable via menu
• Vario pump with six adjustable performance levels
• Easy control of the flow rate between internal and external circulation during
operation without contact with the bath
• USB interface as standard
• Upgradeable with an interface module (analogue module, contact module, RS
232/485 module, Profibus, Ethernet-USB module)
• Upgradeable with Pt 100/LiBus module for external control and remote control
via Command console
• Integrated programmer, 1 programme with max. 20 segments
• Pump connectors with plastic nipples 13 mm as standard
• Bath vessel made from stainless steel with drain valve
• Condenser cooling Air
• Utilizes natural refrigerants

Lauda cryostat in a laboratory
graph of the refrigeration time of RE S cryostats


Technical drawing of the control head

1 - Status display
2 - Display of the internal or external temperature value (T-int or T-ext)
3 - Soft-key bar

Control panel
4 - Soft keys, left and right
5 - Enter key
6 - Cursor keys for Up, Down, Left and Right.
7 - T max key: display and adjustment of the overtemperature switch-off point

Technical drawing of the cryostat connections

1 - USB interface
2 - Upper module receptacle approx. 51 mm x 27 mm for analog, RS 232/485 module, Profibus module
and contact module
3 - Lower module receptacle approx. 51 mm x 17 mm for Pt100/LiBus module
4 - Connection socket 75S for control cable of cooling underpart for RE 1050 S
5 - Rating label
6 - Connection socket 51H for power supply between the control head and cooling underpart
7 - Mains connecting lead

Technical drawing of the cryostat connections

1 - Pump connection: Outflow and return with fittings 13 mm diameter (plastic)
2 - Bath cover
3 - Front grip recess
4 - Ventilation grille (both sides)
5 - Front panel (removable without tools)
6 - Four feet

Technical drawing of the cryostat connections

1 - Classification label
2 - Control cable of the lower cooling part (only with RE 1050 S)
3 - Rear handle recess
4 - Connection cable between the control head and the lower cooling system
5 - Valve for draining the tank
6 - Tank drain point
7 - Ventilation grille

Product Details

Temperature °C
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Control panel
Graphic Screen LCD
Pump pressure max. bar
Pump delivery max. l/min.
Tank volume l
8...10 l
Temperature stability
+/- 0.02 K
Power W
ECO Silver
Cooling output at 20 °C
0,700 kW @ 20°C
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz


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