AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF...
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF...
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF...
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF...
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF thermoregulator
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF thermoregulator
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF thermoregulator
AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF thermoregulator

AREC.X 7 Velp system with VTF thermoregulator

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Powerful digital magnetic stirrer with ceramic hotplate. Equipped with Vertex VTF digital thermoregulator. The ideal solution for laboratories that require precise temperature control.

Speed ​​range: 50 - 1500 rpm.
Stirring volume (H2O): up to 15 liters.
Temperature: up to 550°C.
Plate diameter: 180x180 mm.

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Magnetic stirrer AREC.X 7

Precise and accurate thermoregulation for better reproducibility
AREC.X 7 is equipped with state-of-the-art heating plate technology, designed by VELP, which guarantees temperature homogeneity, thermal efficiency and long-lasting heating performance.

The AREC.X 7 can be connected to the external Pt100 probe or to the VTF for precise thermoregulation of the fluid.

The probe guarantees thermoregulation up to 250°C, with an accuracy of ± 1.0°C, while the VTF guarantees excellent thermoregulation performance up to 300°C and an accuracy of ± 0.5°C. The VTF is equipped with a timer, for unsupervised operation and increased productivity.

Powerful stirring for your lab reactions
You can rely on the AREC.X 7 for demanding laboratory reactions, as it agitates volumes up to 15 liters (H2O), from 50 up to 1500 rpm, thanks to the powerful motor and magnetic coupling.
The electronic control adapts the stirring speed to any variation in the viscosity of the medium.

Absolute safety and ease of use for laboratory operators
The AREC.X 7 hotplate stirrer guarantees a superior level of safety and protection for laboratory operators, since it is entirely made of technopolymer and is equipped with an extremely resistant ceramic plate, ideal for high resistance to acids, bases and solvents.
When the platen temperature is above 50°C and the heating function is not active, a safety message is displayed.
The control panel is positioned at a safe distance from heat sources and the technopolymer structure is carefully designed so that accidental spills of liquids cannot reach the electronics.
The extremely durable ceramic soleplate is easy to clean and resistant to acids, bases and solvents. Using a damp cloth, all residues will be easily removed.

Save time with the new control panel
Thanks to the digital display, extremely bright and easy to read, it is possible to constantly monitor the temperature. Two new comfortable knobs: the left one for the temperature (up to 550°C), the right one for the stirring speed (up to 1500 rpm).
The innovative low profile design for exceptional comfort above the bench and inside the laboratory hood.

The VTF thermoregulator is ideal for multiple applications and satisfies the most demanding requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability and flexibility of use. Thanks to the innovative FUZZY LOGIC technology, it automatically adapts the thermoregulation to various factors such as power, load and heat dispersion.

The VTF guarantees premium performance in terms of temperature control: it allows a better alignment with the set point temperature (with an accuracy of ± 0,5°C.) and a lower initial 'overshoot' (initial deviation with the set temperature) .

It will be possible to select up to a maximum operating time of 24 hours and 59 minutes, after which the instrument will automatically switch off the thermoregulation.

Thanks to the unique Velp design, the installation of the VTF on the support rod will be very simple and will help the positioning of the Pt100 probe in the different containers.
The two clamps allow for height and horizontal adjustment.

Product Details

Stirring Speed Range
50 - 1500 rpm
Max. stirring volume
15 liters
Heating plate
External dimensions mm L x P x A
203 x 344 x 94
Position size
180 x 180 mm
Temperature accuracy ±
± 1°C (with Pt100); ± 0.5°C (with VTF)
Power W
800 W
Pt100; VTF
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature
550 °C
Plate material
Cloud / Wifi connection
Standard accessory
VTF Thermoregulator
Max. stirring speed
1500 rpm


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