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Orbital shaker SHHD1619AL Ohaus

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Heavy duty orbital shaker to maximize sample processing.

Movement: Orbital 19 mm
Capacity: 16 kg
Speed ​​range: 25 to 500 rpm
ELISA tests, cell cultures, immunoassays, protein studies, bacterial and yeast cultures, dyes / bleaches, absorption techniques, DNA studies

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Ohaus heavy-duty orbital shakers

These models are designed to handle a wide range of applications, ensuring constant orbital shaking. Digital models offer accurate speed control for applications that require repeatable results.

  • Includes a tray and a rubber mat; over 70 accessories as an option
  • Maintenance free motor
  • Protect your champions. The increase function allows a gradual increase of the speed up to the set point, to avoid splashing. If so, a sensor detects the unbalance of the load and slows down the speed reaching a safer one

Cell cultures, solubility studies, extractions, suspensions and bacterial and yeast cultures, dyes / bleaches, immunoassays, protein studies, absorption techniques
Independent LED displays that allow the operator to view speed and time settings simultaneously and control knobs with markings (analog models)
Detachable three-wire cable and plug (included)
RS232 interface provides one-to-one communication for data collection and unit control (digital models)
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
Construction features
Integrated tray (28x33 cm) with non-slip rubber mat included

Technical characteristics of the SHHD1619AL model

Movimento: Orbitale, 19 mm
Portata: 16 kg
Sistema di trasmissione: Brushless DC Motor;  Triple Eccentric
Taratura: Taratura della velocitàOrbita {metric}: 19 mm
Consumo elettrico: 75 W
Certificazione di sicurezza: CE;  TUV
Precisione di velocità: ±1 giri/min, superiore a 100 giri/min ±1% di velocità impostata
Intervallo di velocità: da 25 a 500 giri/min
Timer: da 1 a 120 minuti
Struttura del vassoio: Alluminio

Not sure which agitator to choose? Download the Open Air Agitator Selection Guide to get a quick overview of all available models


Data sheet

Stirring Speed Range
da 25 a 500 rpm
External dimensions mm L x P x A
413 x 355 x 149
Weight kg
230 V, 2,5 A, 50/60 Hz
24 mesi
Control panel
Base size mm
279 x 330
Work environment
0°C to 40°C, 80% RH, non-condensing


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