Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus
Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus
Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus
Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus
Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus
Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus

Oscillating shaker SHRK07AL Ohaus


Simple and reliable. Extremely easy to adjust the angle of inclination and speed

Movement: Oscillating, 0-15°
Capacity: 7.3 kg
Speed ​​range: 1 to 75 rpm

Blending of blood samples, DNA extraction, absorption techniques, coloring and bleaching gels, hybridizations

Alternative models
  • 1 level analog oscillating shaker
  • 2-level analog oscillating shaker

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Ohaus oscillating and undulating agitators
OHAUS rocking and undulating shakers are designed for use in a wide variety of laboratory applications. The rocking shakers feature a controlled rocking motion, while the wave shakers provide a mild three-dimensional wave motion with low foaming effect. Available in digital version and in the economical analog version.
All models include a non-slip mat.
As an accessory, a stacking tray is available to easily double the flow rate.

  • Easy adjustment of the angle of inclination and speed, for optimal mixing
  • Results reproducible with digital models. Precise adjustment of the angle of inclination in 1 degree increments with a decrease in speed up to 1 rev / min. and intuitive touch controls
  • The speed boost function allows you to gradually increase the speed to the desired setpoint to avoid splashing. A state-of-the-art motor and electronics allow you to maintain a regular oscillatory or undulatory movement.

Chemical extractions, mixing of blood samples, coloring gels, cell cultures, solubility studies
Detachable three-wire cable and plug (included)
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
Construction features
Integrated tray with non-slip rubber mat (included)

Not sure which agitator to choose? Download the Open Air Agitator Selection Guide to get a quick overview of all available models.

Product Details

Stirring Speed Range
da 1 a 75 giri/min
Oscillating, 0-15°
7.3 kg
External dimensions mm L x P x A
425 x 279 x 140
Control panel
Base size mm
356 x 279
Aluminum tray structure
Work environment
-10°C – 60°C, 80%RH, non condensant
15 W
From 1 to 120 minuts
Safety certification: CE; TUV
230 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight kg
24 months


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