Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus
Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus

Vortex VXMTAL Ohaus

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Powerful analog vortex mixer for high throughput mixing. 3.6mm orbit. Capacity 4.5 Kg. Stirring frequency from 1200 to 2400 rpm.

Models available
  • Stainless steel
  • Painted steel

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Ohaus multi-tube vortex shakers
These vortexes are ideal for processing a large amount of samples at the same time. They consist of interchangeable foam racks for mixing tubes with a diameter of 10 to 29 mm. Feet with powerful suction cups reduce movement and prevent the device from slipping on the work surface, for safe operation in your laboratory.
High speed and small orbit make these mixers perfect for mixing microplates effectively.
All models are designed for continuous laboratory operation.
Analog models: economical alternative for simple mixing; controls: knob adjustment.
Digital models: timer and exact speed control for applications requiring repeatable results; controls: Touch / Standby / On switch; LED display for speed and time, buttons for adjusting default values.
Single or double holders for microplates are available as accessories.

  • Easily process up to 50 samples simultaneously
  • Custom multi-tube mixer with six different tube racks and an extension kit
  • Easy-to-clean monobloc stainless steel chassis, perfect for a variety of environments, especially cleanrooms
  • For demanding samples, mixing can be improved by making it more vigorous thanks to the programmable pulse mode (digital models only). In addition, it is possible to adjust the interval of the pulse times and customize its operation

The product includes:
Foam rack for 12 mm tubes (code 30400239)

Accessori Vortex. Porta Tubi 12mm (Blu)

High throughput suspensions, genotyping, DNA and RNA testing in clinical laboratories
Independent LED displays with speed and time information allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously (digital models)
Detachable three-wire cable and plug (included)
Foam and stainless steel rack for (50) 12mm diameter tubes (included). Interchangeable with foam rack for mixing tubes with diameter from 10 to 29mm

Stirring Speed Range
From 1,200 to 2,400 rpm
External dimensions mm L x P x A
241 x 384 x 406
Control panel
Analog control
Position size
184 x 311
100 W
24 months
CE, TUV safety certification
1 A
Weight kg
230 V, 50/60 Hz

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