LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat
LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat
LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat
LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat
LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat
LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat

LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat

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LAUDA PRO P 20 C heating thermostat, with internal volume of 20 liters and large touch screen display. Ideal for advanced laboratories. temperature from 35° to 250°C, power of 3.6 kW and removable control panel with programming. Timers and security systems. Tank cover and cooling coil fittings.

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Heating thermostat from 35°C to 250°C for professional thermostats
LAUDA PRO is a cutting-edge product line, designed to be the laboratory tools of the future. A significant innovation was the division between thermostats dedicated to internal applications and those dedicated to external applications. Then, the choice of offering products with tanks of a few liters allows the operator to quickly reach the desired temperature.
New criteria have also been adopted for the design of the control panels. Two operational approaches are available, Basic, with OLED screen and essential but professional features, and Command Touch (named 'C'), the ultimate in the LAUDA experience, with touch display, graphic displays and numerous functions. In either case, the control panel can be removed from the thermostat for maximum operational flexibility and a noticeable decrease in instrument height.
All thermostats are equipped with an Ethernet, USB interface and a Pt100 connection as standard.
Cooling thermostats are also available with natural refrigerants.
In addition, as standard, they are equipped with a cooling system that allows a lowering of the thermostat temperature with water.

Notable features

  • Removable control panel for remote control
  • Stainless steel bathtubs (insulated with handles and drain tap)
  • 8-stage LAUDA Vario internal pump
  • Ethernet interface, USB and Pt100 connection as standard
  • Drain cock on the front of the device

Accessories included
Tank covers, pipe fittings with screw caps for the cooling coil

researcher inserts a rack of test tubes into the heating thermostat
graph of the time needed to reach the temperature

Graph of heating performance of PRO P LAUDA thermostats.

Heating thermostat control panel
large display touchscreen
connections located on the back of the thermostat
Temperature °C
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Tank volume l
20 L
Power W
3.6 Kw
Bath measures WxDxH (mm)
300 x 290 x 200
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz

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