Agitatore magnetico per grandi volumi MSL25 digital Velp in azione con becher

Magnetic stirrer for large volumes MSL50 digital Velp

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Digital magnetic stirrer with stirring capacity of 50 liters and equipped with timer, autoreverse and safety lock.

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MSL Digital laboratory magnetic stirrer: for large volumes and low viscosity in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical fields.

  • Preparations in buffer solution
  • Buffer preparation and WFI (Water for Injection)
  • Vaccine production
  • Cell cultures and tissue cultures

Powerful and simple

  • The brushless motor guarantees continuous operations for high volumes
  • The LCD display allows you to set the speed precisely
  • Shakes volumes up to 8 liters (H2O)
  • Agitation speed from 40 to 1500 rpm
  • The lightweight design makes the MSL 8 Digital easy to move, saving valuable lab bench space
  • SpeedServoTM technology guarantees constant speed even when the viscosity changes
  • Equipped with timer to program your activities (1 to 99 min)

In full safety

  • The control panel is splash protected for maximum durability
  • The stainless steel top guarantees unparalleled resistance
  • The lock function eliminates the risk of unwanted setting changes
  • Designed to last over time
  • Soft start to keep splashes to a minimum
  • Reverse timed rotation for effective mixing without increasing speed (5s to 99min55s)
  • MSL allows you to stop mixing for a certain period with the intermittent timer function.

Stirring system: Brushless motor.
Structure: metal with epoxy paint; stainless steel top.
Speed ​​range: 10rpm.
Feedback: SpeedServo technology
Reversal of stirring direction: Yes, from 5s to 99min55s.
Continuous operations: Yes.
Lock function: Yes.
Intermittent mode: Yes.
Display auto-off: Yes, after 10 sec.

Stirring Speed Range
20 - 1000 rpm
Max. stirring volume
50 liters
Heating plate
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Position size
354 x 369 mm
Power W
10 W
Weight kg
4 Kg
Plate material
Stainless steel
Cloud / Wifi connection
Max. stirring speed
1000 rpm

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