L'armadio CS120 risolve i problemi legati alla gestione dei liquidi pericolosi


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Chemicals series. Safety cabinet for dangerous chemical products, with filter and suction included. 2 doors; 1 compartment; 3 laminated shelves. Full door or glass.

Type of door

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  • Made entirely of electro-galvanized steel sheet (Skin passat) FE P01, thickness 10/10 mm, cold pressed and painted, after degreasing treatment, with a first application of epoxy primer and with 2 subsequent applications of thermosetting powders and subsequent passage in a thermal tunnel at 200°C
  • “Monolithic” type constructions with feet at the base for leveling the cabinets
  • Double-paneled and reversible doors made of the same materials, complete with handles with safety locks and locks
  • CE marked electric fan with self-extinguishing, antistatic technopolymer case resistant to corrosive agents
  • Protection fuses: 5x20 mm, fast flow 1A
  • Aspirator flow rate: max 275 m3/h
  • Activated charcoal filter (optional) mounted on top, suitable for acid substances, with prefilter. Easy replacement of the filter behind a hinged panel with key lock
  • Handles with lock and key
  • Tray-shaped steel shelves with a thickness of 10/10 mm for the eventual containment of liquids in case of breakage or spread from the containers. Height adjustable
  • 110° opening that allows the shelves to be extracted without having to tilt them
  • Multilingual safety signs indicate the presence of dangerous and toxic products to highlight the contents and storage limits
  • Standardized pictograms according to ISO 3864 standards
  • Closure with safety lock and key
  • Compliant with EN61010-1 standards; EN16121 and CEI 66-5


  • 3 plasticized shelves (max load 80 Kg evenly distributed)


  • Shelves
  • Timer
  • Plinth
  • Retention tank
  • Door open alarm
  • Ventilation
  • Filter

Product Details

External dimensions mm L x P x A
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A
Internal capacity
Chemicals - CHEMICALS
Weight kg
230 V / 50-60 Hz


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