LAUDA Varioshake VS 30 O digital...
LAUDA Varioshake VS 30 O digital...
LAUDA Varioshake VS 30 O digital orbital shaker
LAUDA Varioshake VS 30 O digital orbital shaker

LAUDA Varioshake VS 30 O digital orbital shaker

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Universal agitators for reliable continuous operation.


  • Orbital movement.
  • Digital control.
  • Max capacity 30 Kg.
  • Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1.

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Varioshake shakers
The silent LAUDA shakers are available in a large number of variations and shake each sample evenly, such as 15ml and 50ml tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks and containers. They can be used for a large number of purposes, thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Areas of application:

  • Biology and microbiology
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Test institutes, universities and research facilities
  • Quality Assurance Laboratories

Reliable and durable with new LAUDA design

The shakers are the laboratory's trusty 'workhorse'. LAUDA agitators are produced with 'GFL technology' and are synonymous with the highest quality, reliability and durability. Their robust, low-wear mechanical system ensures extremely smooth operation and reliable continuous service. Furthermore, thanks to the new LAUDA design, the shakers adapt to any laboratory environment, thanks to their small footprint and are extremely easy to use.

Control panel: analog or digital
The LAUDA Varioshake with analog rotary controllers, allow adjustment of speed and operating time. Digitally controlled agitators provide an extended timer range, start / stop function and provide the ability to save the latest operating parameters.

The wide range of accessories allows Varioshake shakers to be adapted to any need without problems.

Varioshake lauda

Specific features of the VS 30 O model
The silent Varioshake orbital shakers are suitable for gentle, fast or vigorous shaking of round vessels such as Erlenmeyer flasks or Petri dishes.

  • Orbital movement


  • Digital control
  • Max capacity 30 Kg
  • Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1, max. 250 min-1
  • Stirring width 32 mm
  • Timer up to 60 minutes or continuous operation

Product Details

External dimensions mm L x P x A
Weight kg
Control panel
Base size mm
Work environment


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