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Water baths for variable use in biological, medical or biochemical laboratories for temperatures from 25 to 100°C. Agitated water baths from 10 to 99.9°C for the laboratory. Applications: bacteriological tests; molecular biology; demulsivity studies; processing of chemical reactions; metallurgical analysis; incubation of microbiological assays; water quality research; cytochemistry.
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Economical laboratory heating and cooling thermostats for temperatures from -25 up to 100°C. They cover most of all basic thermostatic applications within the laboratory, such as preparation of samples for chemical-pharmaceutical analyzes; precise temperature control in sensitive areas such as medical serology; operations in the field of biotechnology.
Alpha cryostats are also available, with three tank sizes.
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Heating and cooling thermostats, with advanced functionality for daily laboratory applications from -50°C up to 200°C. Two control heads, SILVER (basic) and GOLD (advanced), with numerous tanks to choose from. Applications: precise temperature regulation in quality control and analysis; sample preparation in chemistry and pharmacy; electronic temperature control; cooling in material tests.
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Circulation chillers for variable use in the laboratory, mini-plants and production for temperatures from -20 to 40°C. 3 models in air or water cooled version with cooling capacities from 600 W up to 10 kW.
Some uses are: centralized supply of cooling water in laboratories; cooling of analytical devices; temperature control of bioreactors; power supply to the cooling traps.
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Circulation chillers for reliable continuous operation in the laboratory and in research from -10 to 40°C. Four compact models and cooling capacities from 0.25 to 1.2 kW. Used wherever it is necessary to dissipate heat reliably and quickly, for example in laboratories, with rotary evaporators, distillation systems or analytical devices.
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Compact circulation thermostats for constant temperature applications from 4 to 80°C. Used in analytical chemistry with polarimeters, densimeters, refractometers, viscometers, spectrophotometers; in chemistry with refrigerants and rotary evaporators; in molecular biology for DNA transfer, small biorectars and electrophoresis.
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Heating thermostats with tank for rapid heating from 30 to 250°C. Suitable for professionals and sophisticated laboratories: uncompromising control and technology. Internal and external applications: 100% flexibility for internal temperature control: control of electronic components; tests on materials; thermal control of chemical and biological reactions; crystallization processes ...
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LAUDA is the world leader in the market for precise temperature control, for many applications. For over 65 years, LAUDA has been developing, designing and manufacturing high quality constant temperature equipment to the highest quality and safety standards, confirming the durability and longevity for which LAUDA has become famous. Routine work in laboratories, professional or economical temperature control, high cooling power / speed, lightning-fast temperature changes, LAUDA has the right solution for almost every need. All LAUDA devices are characterized by excellent handling, highly ergonomic design and intuitive operation. They also offer maximum user convenience and future-oriented software.

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